The manager's compass : Conflict management

Publication DGAFP

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As part of its work on transforming organisations and changing managerial practices, the DGAFP is releasing a third part of The Manager's Compass. Inspired by collective discussions and exchanges with a team of managers and experts from different areas of the public sector, "The Manager's Compass" targets all managers wishing to go deeper into some of the current HR topics.

The aim of this publication is therefore to meet direct managers' expectations by offering them practical guidelines, illustrations and concrete initiatives relating to the main HR issues within the public sector.

The third section explores the topic of conflict management. This is neither a new nor an unusual issue. However, conflict resolution is an important issue for managers, who need to ensure cohesion within the workgroup and the effectiveness of their teams' actions. Readers are invited to discover some of the levers and actions that can be implemented.

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